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Fishing Trips in Lac-ACHillin Rouge

Trip to Lac-Saint-Joseph, Que is an excellent idea for anyone who loves the ocean and has a taste for adventure. This small First Nations village is Canada’s most northern destination, but it still feels like the south of France. If you want to experience some North American quality time, it’s the perfect place for it.


The first thing that will make you realize that this little First Nations village is the place for you is the gorgeous beaches. They are very inviting, especially for those people who love to swim. If you decide to take a dip in the ocean, be sure that you have your wetsuit ready. You won’t find any other place in the Canadian north that offers this much excitement with so little effort on your part.


It’s also a great idea for a day trip or even a couple days trip if you want to see more of the region. One way to see more of Lac-assin Rouge is by taking a trip on the train that stops at Lac-aires, a historic village that is only accessible by train. This trip goes by viewing the train, the railway station, the beautiful French Canadian mountain villages, and finally the small harbour that connect Lac Augustine and New Orleans. You can find affordable lodging in Lac Augustine while you are there, so don’t worry too much about staying in a hotel during your trip.


You can’t talk about fishing without mentioning the famous river that provides the site of the place where you can get some fantastic catches on your next trip to Lac-assin Rouge. The best season to catch trout here is from April to October, so make sure to plan your trip for these months. As you probably already know, trout can grow pretty big, so it would be best to bring along a lot of bait and extra line when fishing in this area. Of course, if you’re a beginner at fishing, it would be best to stick with lighter lures.

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Lac Victoire is a nice place to stay, but the prices tend to be expensive. You can avoid spending exorbitant prices on your next trip to Lac-ACHillin-Rouge by shopping around for bargains in town. Some people say that you get what you pay for, so try to compare prices at different shops before choosing a place to stay. If you plan to do most of your fishing in summer, you will probably be spending most of your money on meals, drinks, and other accessories.


Another great place to stay is St. Charles Parish. The parish is actually not as old as it first appears, so you can expect to enjoy a more peaceful surroundings. While the fishing in Lac Athlon Rouge is great, it does get a bit crowded, so if you like quiet places, this is probably not the place for you to go with your trip to Lac Alexandre-Haut-Point. The place is a little bit cheaper, but still offers the same amenities. Still, it is worth checking out.