Uyun AlJiwa is a place I have never been to. I do not know anything about this country other than the fact that it is somewhere in Southeast Asia. If you did not know, the country of Southeast Asia is a very large country composed of many countries such as: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. One thing about the United States is that they pride themselves in being on the forefront of the world. If this was my traveling experience I would say that this would be a good place for an adventure vacation and an interesting one at that.


If I would be allowed to take a trip like this, it would have to be called a once in a lifetime trip. Since I am not able to I will leave you to decide if it is worth your while. What would I like to see in the areas of this country that I would like to travel to? If I were to choose just one place I would say that it would have to be Uyun AlJiwa. It is located on the Gulf of Thailand about thirty minutes north of Bangkok.


The reason why I would choose Uyun AlJiwa as my destination is because it is a place where you can actually feel the unique Thai culture. You will feel that there are no tourists in sight because all you will see are the people. This will give you a true sense of what the locals are like. The weather is also very ideal for any traveling needs that you might have. The beaches are very clean and are a great place to just relax and not worry about the sand or the rocks.

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When I was there I did not eat much, but the amount of food that I ate was more than I would have ever imagined. In my opinion they serve some of the best rice dishes in the world. If you want to try something different than what most people in Thailand are eating you should try their noodles. If you have never had noodles from Thailand then you should do so. They are simply out of this world.


When I was there I also took a short ride to the sunset in their village. This is where they use a traditional method of letting people know when it is time to retire so that they will come back to the village to enjoy more of the sunset. It is a very cool way to travel and I would recommend that you do it if you can afford it.


Overall I really enjoyed my time in Uyun Al Jolbar. I would come back anytime I had the money. I fell in love with the whole place almost right away. It is definitely a place that you should check out.