Kartepe is found within the borders of Kocaeli district. It is best for all Istanbulis to take a short day trip to Kartepe for the scenic beauty it has to offer. The ski resort of Kartepe offers an impressive modern facilities for those who enjoy winter sports as well. At the same time the natural beauty park such as Ormanya in Kartepe is very ideal for a peaceful day out.

Trip to Kartepe

The most important thing is to plan your budget well in advance. Once you know how much you can spend on a day trip, then you will not have to worry about your daily expenses. You can easily spend a few hundred dollars on a three-star hotel in Kartepe and still be perfectly comfortable. A three-star hotel in Kartepe will provide you with a comfortable room, modern furnishings, Wi-Fi internet access, and the basic amenities such as cable television, tea/coffee maker, air conditioning/heaters, refrigerator, trolley, etc.

If you are planning a longer excursion, then you may have to work out your budget for the hotel and transportation separately. A three-star hotel in Kartepe will definitely be more expensive than a two-star hotel, but you will definitely get more value for your money. A one-star hotel in Kartepe will give you the basics and nothing more. It will just make sure that your daily expenses are covered. Since the three-star hotels in Kartepe are relatively more expensive, you should try to cover as many of your expenses with your trip as you can in order to reduce your overall daily expenses.

You should calculate your daily expenses for flights, trolley rides, taxi cabs, and other inclusions once you know how much you can afford to spend on your trip. Add up all your expenses for your flight, including the hotel accommodation, flight tickets, and other miscellaneous expenses. Remember to include your car rental if you will be driving. Calculate the total amount of money you will need to spend on your car rental per day. Add the amount of money you will be spending on food per day. You should also include some money for your activities during the day like sports and leisure.

Once you have your trip plan, the next step is to figure out the starting and ending point of your journey. This information will help you determine the direction you should take when going out to explore the beautiful scenery in Kartepe, especially the cities of Erte and Sapanca. The towns of Erte and Sapanca are two of the largest cities of the province of Fujairah in the UAE. The capital city of Fujairah is called Asal Al-Arab.

The starting point of your trip to Kartepe would be Erte. Here you will find all the necessities you will need in order to explore the lovely mountains and other natural attractions in the region. Sapanca is a large city located in the Southern region of UAE. The longest and third largest city of the province of Fujairah is called as Kuzuyayla.