Trip to Diani Beach

Drenched in Nature at Mombasa Beach in Kenya

The Kenya Coast offers a diverse landscape from the vast Indian Ocean all the way to the Indian and Arabian seas. From here, the coastline has many beautiful beaches where visitors can sun tan and relax on the beaches in comfort and style. There are many travel agencies that offer their services in booking flights to Kenya and arranging for hotel accommodation for your trip. It is best that you book well in advance to avoid any last minute rush. To help you with your booking, here is a brief guide on how to go about it:

Arrangement of flight costs: Booking of hotel accommodations as well as your trip to Kenya are usually done through a single company called Travelzoo. You can easily access their website through Google or other search engines. Once there, choose a country that you would like to visit and book your flight using their online reservation form. They have an affordable package deal for their customers. Generally, the average cost of a seven-day trip to Diani Beach including all transfers and activities is around $1,839.

The same day flight costs: If you want to reduce your expenses even further, you can fly to Kenya directly from your home city or any other destination. There are many budget airlines that operate between major cities and Kenya’s capital Nairobi. If you book your flight tickets in advanced, you can also avail of special discounts that include breakfast and dinner along with your stay in luxury trip rentals.

Getting around Kenya: By traveling via plane is not your only option when it comes to how to get around kenya. One option that you can consider is taking a train. trains are one of the cheapest means of travel when compared to buses and car rentals. It would be ideal to travel during the non-peak timings to maximize your savings.

Bus and train rides are also cheaper compared to driving your own vehicle. Another great way to cut your travel costs on your trip to Kenya’s most famous beach is by boarding a minibus. Minibuses will allow you to cover long distances within a single day. You can board these buses from tourist hot spots such as Mombasa. Just make sure you book early to take advantage of the special early bird rates.

Cheap flights to Diani Beach are easily found by conducting online searches. There are many online travel sites that offer discounted airfare for any destination. You can search on Google for “diani beach cheap flight” to come up with the best websites offering cheap flights to Kenya’s premier family holiday spot. You can compare prices of different airlines and pick the one that best suits your budget. Book your trip today and prepare for a great and relaxing time at Mombasa beach.